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6 day tour package

Tour through the south of Peru Cusco with Puno without a doubt a tour that shows wonderful landscapes and impressive archaeological remains. Get to know the city of Cusco and Machu Picchu besides Lake Titicaca and its floating islands



14:00 Approximately the start of the tour of the city.

The Temple of the Sun or Koricancha .-is the sanctuary dedicated to the sun and other deities that venerated in the Andean Culture such as: The rainbow To the water, To the ray, The stars, The moon.

Sanctuary of Sacsayhuaman .-in Andean culture was known as the house of the sun, architecture built with megalithic stones that astonish the whole world today.
Qenqo .-very important mystic center of the Inca era.

Puca Pucara .-military control center.
Tambomachay .-adoration center of the element Water.
6:30 PM Return to Cusco(plaza regocijo or San Francisco)


Comenzaremos el tour visitando los restos arqueológicos de Pisac, luego pasamos por Lamay, Calca y llegaremos a Urubamba
Haremos una parada para almorzar (opcional agregar 35 soles almuerzo buffet).
Continúa este recorrido hasta Ollantaytambo donde veremos el pueblo, sus calles típicas y visitaremos el impresionante grupo arqueológico, sus andenerías, disfrutaremos de la maravillosa vista que ofrece el Sagrado Valle de la Cultura Andina.
Abordamos el tren rumbo a Aguas Calientes
Llegamos a Aguas Calientes y nos acomodamos en el hostel


08:00Después del desayuno en el hostel, ascenderemos a la Ciudadela de Machupicchu en bus, una vez allí recorreremos la zona urbana, agrícola y religiosa desde donde contemplaremos los amplios dominios de la Cultura Andina.
13:30 Almuerzo en Aguas Calientes. (Por cuenta del pasajero).
18:00 Nos trasladamos a la estación de tren para retornar a Ollantaytambo.
22:30 Recojo de la estación de Ollantaytambo y retorno a Cuzco (Plaza San Francisco)


08:45 Departure to the South zone of Cusco, passing through picturesque villages and neighborhoods.

Andahuaylillas .-Our first destination is the colonial town of Andahuaylillas, an Andean town famous for its Church known as the "Sistine Chapel of America", we will observe its beautiful murals of the 16th century Cusco school, as well as its Canvases and altars carved with gold leaf.(If you wish to enter the church of Andahuaylillas pay 10 soles per person to the same church)
Archaeological Site of Pikillacta .-the trip continues visiting the Pre-Inka archaeological complex of the CulturaWARI, Pikillacta (Pueblo Pulga), a citadel built approximately 400 years before the Andean culture, where they would have lived up to 11 thousand people, will travel its streets, platforms and buildings. It is one of the few places where ceramic remains are found in the streets.
Sanctuary of water Tipon .-here we can appreciate, huge terraces, fountains and ornamental waterfalls, hydraulic technology at its best.
16:00 After these wonderful experiences we will return to Cusco(Plaza San Francisco)


06:45 Uros Island, is a set of approximately 40 floating islands formed on the basis of totora, located 6km north of the Bay of Puno, inhabited by the UROS, indigenous people descended from one of the oldest cultures of America. The main economic activities of the Uros are fishing and hunting; They are also engaged in the manufacture of woolen tapestry fabrics and tourism.

Taquile or Intika (in Quechua) is an island located on the shores of Lake Titicaca 45km from the city of Puno. It has an approximate population of 1,700 inhabitants. The main villa is at 3,950 meters above sea level. It was part of the Inca Empire so that until today you can see some archaeological remains.
Transfer from the hotel 6:45 am. To the port of Puno, you travel 25min. To visit the floating island of the Uros where you will visit for a time of 45min. Then we continue traveling to the island of Taquile, staying for 3 hours visiting the place, the famous fabrics, the typical clothes. After visiting returns to Puno 2:30 pm. Arriving in Puno approx. 6:00 p.m.
21:30Return to the city of Cusco by Bus


Arrival in Cusco - terrestrial terminal, The passenger returns to the hotel.
According to the time indicated by the passenger transfers you to the Airport

It includes

  • Transfer hotel - airport - hotel (or land terminal)
  • 1 nights accommodation at the Hostel in Aguas Calientes
  • 1 night accommodation in hotel (Puno)
  • 2 Buffet breakfast at the hotel Cusco.
  • 1 American breakfast at the Hostel in Aguas Calientes.
  • 1 American breakfast at the Puno hotel.
  • Mobility for all the tours mentioned below.
  • Language guide English - Spanish.
  • BTG (general tourist ticket)
  • Koricancha entrance
  • Entrance ticket to Machupicchu
  • Bilingual guide in Sanctuary of Machupicchu
  • Bus ticket from Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu - Aguas Calientes
  • Train ticket Cusco - Aguas Calientes - Cusco (Expedition Service)
  • South valley tour includes lunch of the fourth day
  • TKT of entrance to Uros and Taquile
  • Boat ride on Totora (optional)
  • Guide in Puno.
  • Monitoring of the permanent passenger.

Does not include

  • Lunches and dinners, it is recommended to which places to go and where it is
  • Air tickets (Lima / Cusco / Lima). If the passenger wishes, the approximate amount of USD 260.00 round trip per passenger may be increased to the itinerary, the aforementioned amount may vary (increase or decrease) depending on the availability and schedule of the airline

Prices and important data

Prices for Collective Service

Hotel Turistico Andes Inn
Adult +18 Student +8 Child +5 Child +0
526 497 467 0
Hotel 3 estrellas Cusco Pardo
Adult +18 Student +8 Child +5 Child +0
546 526 506 0
Hotel 3 estrellas Aranjuez
Adult +18 Student +8 Child +5 Child +0
546 526 506 0

IMPORTANT: All prices are per person, Rates are already generated with the Expedition train service (USD 140.00)

If the passenger wants the Vistadome train service, he must add USD 90.00 to his tour cost.

Prices for Private Service

Hotel Turistico Andes Inn
2 People 3/4 People 5/6 People 7/+ People
606 591 576 561
Hotel 3 estrellas Cusco Pardo
2 People 3/4 People 5/6 People 7/+ People
646 631 616 601
Hotel 3 estrellas Aranjuez
2 People 3/4 People 5/6 People 7/+ People
646 631 616 601

IMPORTANT: Prices are per person, students have a discount of USD 25.00

The rates are already generated with the Expedition train service (USD 140.00)

If the passenger wants the Vistadome train service, he must add USD 90.00 to his tour cost.

Valid until December 31, 2018
Prices do not include IGV.

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